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This guideline covers the installation of steel rigid metal conduit. Republic conduits emt is designed with the user in mind. Galvanized steel electrical metallic tubing emt application. Non metallic liquidtight conduit fittings cooper industries. Flexible plastic conduit is also sold as lfnc, liquidtight nonmetallic conduit. Hot galvanized steel using patented inline flocoat process for long. Pvc conduit is superior to metallic conduit in most applications. Guidelines for installing steel conduit tubing conduit. Its lightweight, handbendable and free from sharp edges, which reduces installation time and saves money. Allieds emt electrical metallic tubing has a special low friction id coating called ez pull that greatly improves the slip properties between conduit and wire. Pdf electrunite electrical metallic tubing emt nucor tubular. L797 standards for safety, electrical u metallic tubing 4.

Electrical metallic tubing emt fittings b81 emt fittings nylon insulated cat. Special fittings and conduit sizes will be quoted on request. And you benefit from our expertise through our liquidtight and dusttight connections available for a variety of conduits as well as portable cord. Egp1 jic electrical standards for general purpose machine tools 7. Carlon flexplus blue electrical nonmetallic tubing ent.

Neutral conductors supplying balanced loads do not have to be. It begins with highquality, flatrolled steel that is. It begins with highquality, flatrolled steel that is uniquely formulated for its high malleability. Electrical metallic tubing emt and fittings ul listed, csa certified as noted emt lightweight, thin wall part trade standard number sizes package 01001 12 100 ft. Installation instructions liquid tight flexible non. Hot dip galvanized inside and outside for greater corrosion resistance precision manufactured from high grade mild steel strip. Features fast installation light and strong carlon ent is free of sharp edges for faster installation and lower installed costs. After forming and welding, the tubes receive a satinsmooth. Calconduit rigid conduit is manufactured in accordance with the latest edition of the. In this standard it is steel rigid metal conduit, intermediate metal conduit, or electrical metallic tubing, designed for enclosing and protecting electrical, communications, signaling and optical fiber wires and cables. Electrical nonmetallic tubing above board electronics.

Rmc, steel intermediate metal conduit imc, and steel electrical metallic tubing emt. Fittings, cast metal boxes and conduit bodies for conduit, electrical metallic tubing and cable 5. Electrical nonmetallic conduit tubing and accessories. The pages that follow detail the most diverse flexible electrical conduit line in the world, with respect to available sizes, types and colors.

Unlike metal conduit which has to be cut and bent, using. It has the same electricresistance welded tubemaking process as emt, but it is threaded like rmc, so the same couplings can be used for both. Covered by article 358 of the nec, emt is available in trade sizes 12 through 4. Unlike metal conduit which has to be cut and bent, using specialized equipment, to navigate. What size aluminum equipment grounding conductor is needed for a 400a circuit breaker protecting the feeder circuit. Rigid nonmetallic conduit is normally supplied in standard 10 lengths,with one belled end per length. Rigid nonmetallic conduit schedule 40 and schedule 80. Electrical metallic tubing emt, also commonly called thinwall, is a listed steel raceway of circular cross section, which is unthreaded, and nominally 10. It is protected on the exterior surface with a metallic zinc coating or alternate. Electrical metallic tubing emt and fittings prysmian group. Monobarb adapters nonmetallic sanitary tubing adapters. A slightly thinner gauge than rmc, imc is light but strong.

American national standard for electrical metallic tubing. Produced by the electric resistance welding erw process, the finished tube is uniform in od size, wall thickness and. Finished tubing is typically furnished in nominal 10ft 3. In addition to conduit, allied also manufactures emt elbows made out of our emt. For specific requirements,it may be produced in lengths shorter or longer than 10,with or without belled ends. Monobarb adapters nonmetallic sanitary tubing adapters page 1 biopharmaceutical products secure sanitary tubing attachments that are easy to use and quick to assemble are critical in numerous lowpressure laboratory, biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications.

The chart below lists the more popular wire types and sizes and is based on article 358. Rigid non metallic conduit adapters and couplings male terminal adapter all socket fittings should be attached using carlon solvent cenment. We also supply a full line of steel and aluminum elbows and nipples, steel couplings, and rigid aluminum conduit and couplings. Ce code section 120 wiring methods liquidtight metal conduit 8. And compared to other conduit systems, connecting kwikon ent to a kwikon slab box is as quick and easy as fitting tubing into a couplingits a snap. Additionally, we now offer speedcouple, a preinstalled. Electrical metallic tubing emt fittings b79 errous electrical metallic tubing emt shall be f of the hotdipped galvanized type conforming to applicable specifications ww563ansi 80. Electrical metallic tubing is a lightweight conduit that is used to encase electrical wires within a structure. Plastic conduit can be heated and bent to nonstandards shapes, or preformed. Emp1 jic electrical standards for mass production equipment 6.

Installation instructions liquid tight flexible non metallic conduit tubing connector 1. Contamination of fluids and product loss through leakage can be costly. Liquidtight flexible metal conduit fittings all our highperformance products are designed to deliver excellent reliability as well as ease of installation in virtually any application. Using carlon fittings with carlon non metallic conduit insures system integrity.

Plastic electrical conduit or rigid pvcu pipe specified as electrical nonmetallic tubing ent conduit, shown in our photographs here, is easier to cut than metallic conduit products. It can also be installed in hazardous locations when. Electrical metallic tubing emt and true color emt allied tube. Although there are several other piping materials available, this type is one of the more common choices by contractors because it is more costeffective than comparable materials. Ul is a global independent safety science company offering expertise across three strategic businesses. Table of contents 004 005 overview 006 011 electrical metallic tubing emt fittings 012 020 rigid conduit imc fittings 021 022 non metallic sheathed cable fittings 023 028 armored cableflexible metallic conduit fittings 029 032 accessoesi r 033 035 liquidtight flexible metallic conduit fittings. Supplementary coating a coating other than the primary coating applied to. Calculated from nominal outside diameter and nominal wall thickness. L 514a and 514b, standards for safety, u outlet boxes and fittings 6. Integral rigid and flexible pvc construction ul type b flexible, non metallic liquidtight conduit non metallic liquidtight electrical tubing features. Table 1 number of conductors percent of values in 31016 80 46 80 724 70 2542 60 43 and above 50 if circuit is loaded up to 80% ampacity, then 6 phase wires can be put in one conduit. It is the thinnest and lightest of all of our products. Emt conduit can be installed indoors and outdoors, exposed or concealed, in all kinds of atmospheric conditions, and in hazardous locations.

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