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Queensland floods facts december 2010 january 2011. Impact of the queensland floods on business cciq survey. The brisbane floods were in fact a separate event from the flash flood that hit the city of toowoomba that is located in the hills of the great dividing range about 70kms west of brisbane. Australian floods wreak havoc on queensland economy. Brisbane in queensland, along the coral sea, australias third largest metropolis, was in the path of the car and house choked deluge. Brisbane battles flood devastation as death toll rises. The queensland floods commission of inquiry was established on 17 january 2011 to examine the events surrounding the 20102011 flood events in south east queensland. Queenslanders still counting the emotional cost of the 2011 floods.

Table 1 shows some comparative damage statistics from the 1893 and 1974 floods. More than 20 people have died in flash floods between brisbane and toowoomba. What was the cause of the queensland floods answers. The queensland floods posted on 12 january 2011 by john cook. A flash flood toowoomba in january 2011 was one of the first significant flood events of the deadly queensland floods 0f 2011.

There were big numbers involved with the 2011 floods in brisbane and queensland. In 2011, much of the state was declared a disaster zone, and it was communities along the condamine river such as toowoomba as well as the ballone. Queensland, in the north, was hit hardest, but the widespread floodingof a scale not seen since the mid1970sthat began in late november. And in the end, queensland will recover strongly strongly, but slowly.

The final report of the queensland floods commission of inquiry, released on 16 march 2012, provides a comprehensive roadmap for future work that will improve the way we respond to future floods and. One familys story be a fun mum january 12, 2011 at 5. The floods that are devastating queensland will have long term social and economic impacts communities across the state. The 201011 wet season brought unprecedented rain and flooding to queensland, resulting in 35 people tragically losing their lives and the declaration of 78% of the state as a disaster zone. Threequarters of the state of queensland has been declared a disaster zone. A senior official has described the flooding in queensland, australia, as a disaster of. The wall of water that tore through the town was described in the press as an inland tsunami with cars been tossed around like corks, pictures of which you. According to records, 38 people died in the queensland fdisaster. Floods later in january also devastated victoria state to the south see below. The citrus industry in the wide bayburnett region was hit hard with losses totalling hundreds of millions of dollars, higher than the cost of the 2011 floods. On 17 january, queensland premier anna bligh established an independent commission of inquiry to examine the 20102011 flood disaster.

One of the most devastating of recent floods in australian history hit brisbane and queensland in december 2010. Australias queensland faces biblical flood bbc news. Different types flash floods the chronicle long duration floods repeat floods dalby 5 times. The scale of the disaster led to the establishment, on 17 january 2011, of the queensland floods commission of inquiry to examine the events leading to. Cciq survey on impact of queensland floods on businesses, january 2011 3. The financial toll of the queensland floods predicted to cost 6 billion and leave a 5bn cleanup bill is expected to soar further. Brisbane, a town i had visited 17 published books ago in the late 1980s when on an australian national book tour for my first best selling tome on nostradamus. Media caption aerial footage shows the extent of the damage. As the queensland floods have now hit brisbane, a number of people have emailed or posted comments enquiring about our wellbeing. Rainfall meteorology in south east queensland during 8th to 12th january 2011. The 201011 queensland floods were a series of floods in australia which began in december 2010 and ended in january 2011. The 2011 queensland floods bill syme fma conference, san diego september 2011 why were qld floods surprising.

The queensland floods have wrecked homes and caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to property in the regional and rural parts of. The floods forced the evacuation of thousands of people from towns and cities. Counting the economic cost of the queensland floods on. The northeastern australian state of queensland was hit by a series of floods in december 2010 and early january 2011. Many thanks to everyone for their thoughts and concern. Asked in rain and flooding where did the queensland floods start. It was not just one flood, but a series of them caused by bad weather in the preceding months. On th january 2011 major flooding occurred throughout most of the brisbane river catchment, most severely in toowoomba and the lockyer creek catchment where 23 people drowned, the bremer river catchment and in brisbane, the state capital of queensland. Some footage of the devastating floods in southern queensland, australia. Australia floods of 201011, natural disaster that principally affected the three eastern states of australia and was one of the worst in the countrys history. Published on jan 11, 2011 from the 5pm news, with footage from flooded areas in qld, also peoples footage from mobile phones of the flash floods in toowoomba category.

The rain also caused floods further south in central and. The queensland government estimates costs for the 2011 floods will exceed this figure for queensland alone. The flooding in southeast queensland during the second week of january was caused by the interaction of a lowpressure system situated off the mid and south queensland coasts. The commission of inquiry looked specifically at the events of january 6 11 2011. National disaster relief and recovery arrangements were made available to a total of 31 local government areas across queensland. Affected areas on 25 december 2010, cyclone tasha crossed the northern queensland coast and brought disaster to every river system south of the tropic of capricorn, and as far west as longreach and charleville. Townsville reels under record water levels as more rain arrives. Queensland floods commission of inquiry final report. Thirty five people were killed, over two hundred thousand people were affected by it, and damages came to around 2. At least 90 towns and over 200,000 people were affected.

The floods, which caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage in brisbane and the states southeast, has already been the subject of a 2012 commission of inquiry. The 20102011 floods have killed 35 not 30 people across queensland since november and 14 are still missing. Queensland 2011 floods class action maurice blackburn. Most of that money will go to fixing roads, ferry terminals and the citys floating river walkway. Using tweets extracted from twitter during the queensland 20102011 floods, social network analysis techniques were used to generate and analyse the online network that emerged at that time. This display features images and stories of brisbanes flood prone past. Beginning in december 2010 and dying down in january 2011, over half of queenslands area was wracked by sudden floods that caused tragic death and destruction as well as serious economical damage. In january 2011, the brisbane river broke its banks and a wave of brown water inundated the city in the biggest floods to hit queenslands capital since 1974.

A series of floods hit queensland, australia, beginning in november 2010. Causes, impacts and implications article pdf available in water 34 december 2011 with 2,127 reads how we measure reads. More damage was to come in february when the state was struck by cyclone yasi see below. It is going to take years to recover from the 2011 floods, not months. The cost incurred by housingdisplaced people has not been quantified for the floods and cyclones queensland reconstruction authority, 2011. The queensland floods, combined with those in northern new south wales, western and northern victoria, and northern tasmania, may well turn out to be australias costliest ever. Severity significant number of locations experienced greater than 1 in 100 year rainfall geographical extent the chronicle. The floods mark a devastatingly costly start to 2011 for the socalled lucky country that is known more commonly for enduring prosperity and a wealth of natural resources. Queensland floods disasters of 2011 pictures cbs news. Read out to find out more about what exactly a flood is, and the causes and location of queenslands floods. The majority of the floods were in queensland including its capital city, brisbane. In moreton bay, seagrass beds are expected to endure greater damage than from the 2011 floods, when is some place 80% of the seafloor vegetation was lost. The queensland floods were followed by the 2011 victorian floods which ravaged over fifty communities in the central and western victoria with considerable flooding.

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