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Drew goddard discusses his plans for the xforce movie. Wb wants michael keaton for batman beyond live action. Movie trailers, casting news, project rumors, film industry analysis and more. Earlier today, a rumor surfaced that the batman director matt reeves wants jake gyllenhaal to play the caped crusader. In addition to hammer, lots of other actors are said to be rumored for the role of the younger batman, as ben affleck is confirmed to have left the role. Ben affleck will reprise his role of batman in the film. This page is dedicated to all rumors regarding the film the batman.

Robert pattinson and the batman movie release date. Fury road, will be playing catwoman a role she also voiced in the lego batman movie and jeffrey wright will star as commissioner jim gordon. Things seemed to be on an upswing for the troubled mutltihyphenate. Current rumors have colin farrell in the villain role for the batman, but i have some better ideas. Everything we know about the movie so far riddle us this. Rumored new batman game could finally answer the arkham. Many of the supervillains who appear in the series, like the joker, penguin and riddler, are very. The batman and sopranos prequel movie get new release dates wonder woman 1984. Vanessa hudgens responds to the batman catwoman rumors. Dawn of justice featuring ben affleck as the dark knight. Armie hammer responds to batman rumors cosmic book news. Why fans and press should relax about batman movie rumors. With rino romano, evan sabara, kevin michael richardson, xander berkeley.

A new vigilante, one playing for keeps, comes to gotham with his sights set on taking down the citys major villains permanently. After disappointing reactions to the batman vs superman and justice league films helmed by zack snyder, warner bros decided a change of. Dc comics will start a different tradition than that of marvel which ads cliffhangers in between final credits to include them at the end of batman vs. Other than the films official release date and director, warner bros. Now, while details continue to remain sparse on the film, a new rumor suggests that the batman may finally head into production next year. Shown is a promotional image for last years batman v superman. Movie news, reliably sourced and updated daily since 1997.

Rumors that the film would adapt the popular batman. Arkham legacy to superman, the suicide squad, and beyond, the latest reports claim that warner bros. After many months of trouble and a change of director, script, and lead actors, the latest batman film finally looks as though its ready to head into production. Apples siri promotes the lego batman movie when you say. Comic book movies and superhero movie news superherohype.

Superman as far as the main character, superman, played by british actor henry cavil who is reprising his role from. With robert pattinson set to star in the batman in 2021, we take a look at the dc villains rumored to be doing battle in gotham city. The premiere date has been pushed back four months. A joker movie starring joaquin phoenix will be the first movie under that new brand to go into production when filming starts in new york city this fall, but a new rumor suggests matt reeves. So i guess if we get to the release of ben afflecks batman movie and has the same plot problems andor critical reception as suicide squad or batman v superman, we know where to point the. The following is a list of characters that have appeared in the television series the batman, which ran from september 11, 2004, to march 22, 2008. Armie hammer nearly played batman in the defunct 2008 george miller justice league mortal movie. The site claims that we should hear some official casting announcements soon, so these rumors should be good enough to hold us over. Interactive reportedly had in mind, the next title starring the. The batman 2021 release date, cast, robert pattinson, and more. According to some rumors about the future of batman games that warner bros. Year one story penned by frank miller were debunked by reeves, who said he wouldnt. The rumors about a cliffhanger at the end of the sequel are very much true if we are to believe these sources.

Rumors surrounding rocksteady have included superman, the flash, and the justice league as possible focuses for their next trilogy of games possibly taking place in the arkham universe they already fleshed out and established in their 3 batman titles. New rumors about the major villain of the batman movie. The conflicting reports about the batman are enough to drive even the sanest fan mad so weve now rounded up all the confirmed details about the. The ben affleck batman movie villain roster will be. The lego batman movie 2017 set rumors the brick fan. With zoe kravitz, robert pattinson, andy serkis, colin farrell. Additional rumors have it that josh gad is being eyed for the penguin, toby kebbell as scarecrow, theo rossi as bane and more. The batman set photos debunk robin rumors screen rant.

The batman, starring robert pattinson, zoe kravitz, jeffrey wright, and paul dano, will debut in 2021. The animation style bears a strong resemblance to that of jackie chan adventures, since jeff matsuda was the chief character designer for both shows. The justice league movie was specifically given rewrites to make sure it aligns with events coming up in. Other rumors have even suggested that reeves would opt to walk away from the project, something the director has repeatedly denied. The batman features a controversial storyline that sees alfred getting killed off in the movie. With robert pattinson set to star in matt reeves batman movie, we take a look at the dc villains rumored to be doing battle in gotham city.

The sonic the hedgehog movie has found its nonhedgehog star. The batmanrumors dc comics extended universe wiki fandom. These 5 actors would be perfect villains for robert pattinson. Chris nolans batman begins carries a lot of year one in its dna, and the actual storyline was adapted into a dc universe animated feature in 2011. In fact, many reports about the actors batman movie say its a standalone project that isnt connected to the other films produced. The batman everything we know about the dc movie reboot. Rumors recently cropped up that dc was developing an animated movie based on the batman beyond cartoon series that aired in the late 90s.

Sure, he got some of that oscar goodness in 2012 with argo, but other than that, he came on as the most divisive dark knight ever, directed a major flop of a passion project, got divorced from jennifer garner, and fell deep back into alcoholism. Movies, the same source behind the rumors of james wan maybe leaving aquaman, has uncovered some details about the villains in the movie that may or may not be called the batman. Now batman finds himself in the unusual position of having to protect some of his greatest enemies from this deadly threat. With the release of batman v superman, weve gone all the way back to when the film was first announced as an untitled batmansuperman project at comiccon 20 and dredged up all. Sorry, the batman beyond movie rumor was shot down. Year one comics, reeves squashed that buzz in 2018, saying at the television critics. Many rumors are circulating the upcoming solo batman film directed by matt reeves, a majority of which center around who will portray the dark knight. The flash standalone movie is stalled, there is no word on cyborg, and the batman cant shoot until 2018 with matt reeves focused on launching. The batman is shrouded in mystery, but there have been plenty of rumors that have ended up being true over the course of the last year, with the main one being that ben affleck was not going to. The batman movie spoilers, release date, rumors and casting news by stella may 12, 2020 no comments filming on the batman, starring robert pattinson, was temporarily put on hold in march, with warner bros. The batman movie spoilers, release date, rumors and casting news. Wb wants to do liveaction batman beyond movie with. There have long been rumors that matt reeves the batman was to cast a. Dawn of justice while rumors claim that ben affleck will star as batman one more time as, supposedly, his contract demands so, rumors claiming that the solo batman movie, tentatively titled as the batman, will no longer feature.

Batmans computer works in much the same way as siri, responding. The batman all the confirmed details, rumors, leaks, and. We already know of two confirmed sets which was revealed during sdcc with the batmobile 70905 and the jokers notorious lowrider 70906 but it has been reported that there will be about 15 total sets coming out for the film. The first rumors at other outlets saying oconnell was indeed named by their sources as a contender on the list for batman came within 12 weeks of my article mentioning oconnell, and ill note. Val kilmer reveals why he only played batman in 1 movie. Although rumors had been circulating that reeves script would be an adaptation of frank millers batman. The batman movie spoilers, release date, rumors and. The actor, who will play alfred in the batman, also hinted that theres something to the suggestion that the movie will perhaps be darker and.

The rumor mill keeps turning as there is now more indepth information about the lego batman movie sets. This is the latest solo movie for the batman character, and was originally envisioned as a standalone vehicle for ben afflecks bruce wayne within the shared continuity of the dc extended universe. Batman casting rumors heat up as director takes meetings. With rumors ranging from a sequel to arkham knight called batman. The lego batman movie, released last friday, features the voice of apples personal assistant siri as batmans personal computer. Robert pattinson and the batman movie release date, cast, plot. Basically, any actor in their late 20s or early 30s is said to be rumored for the new bruce wayne.

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